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Nuova Benyacht Srl: design at the service of quality

Nuova Benyacht is responsible for the manufacturing of furnishings dedicated to the naval sector and beyond.

The La Madonnina tourist port, also in Viareggio, demonstrates the versatility of the shipyard, as well as attention and meticulousness in the details.
The company was founded by Mauro Agostini, an entrepreneur in the naval field since 1991, and it is immediately placed at the service of the largest shipyards in Italy and in the world, earning the respect and prestige of the international environment.
The Nuova Benyacht is a small jewel of made in Italy and pleasure boating, yes deals with a series of furnishing processes for yachts over 30 meters in length.
Whether it is stainless steel, aluminium, carbon fibre or other furnishing and functional material, the Nuova Benyacht is able to respect the shapes and sinuosity of the ship and give personality
and character to the boat. He followed the changes in the market in the diversification of auxiliary materials and has developed in the furniture supply sector passing through functional systems and the mechanical workshop. The workings of the Nuova Benyacht are carried out by the skilled hands of the best craftsmen in the
world of yachting, committed to taking care of the smallest detail with the aim of satisfying the needs of the major shipyards and the most demanding customers. The policy that the company has made on its own is to never compromise, to provide the highest quality ensuring the transparency of the estimates made, with the aim of meeting the needs
of international customers. This is a determining factor in the success of such an enterprise calibre: honesty and quality of design products configure a company that knows how to look beyond, who also knows how to innovate and follow the technical avant-garde of the sector without sacrificing aesthetics and design, placing customer satisfaction at the fore.
Exceed expectations
Through the use of innovative materials and the creation of functional design objects, the Nuova Benyacht stands out for its unique features aimed at making the most of the moments
precious and memorable on the boat. Nuova Benyacht shipyards are specialized in the machining of composite parts in stainless steel, including handrails, fairleads, cubes, structures for awnings and many others that resist corrosion and deterioration while remaining light and practised for use.
Watertight doors, support structures for fenders and masts for lights and antennas, are made of aluminium, a ductile metal that also resists oxidation and allows high-quality and at the same time functional workmanship. But the flagship is represented by carbon fibre. Used in machines from racing and high-level designs, carbon fibre allows you to take advantage of the high quality of the material to give strength and lightness, and allow the yacht to reach better performance. The carbon poles made by Nuova Benyacht specialists exceed the expectations, as they combine the strength and stability of the awning with the experience of navigation: dampening the vibrations allows for a silent and comfortable navigation.

A new design concept
At Nuova Benyacht they firmly believe that design is never to be considered an end in itself same. People often think of design as styling a product when they do it is an attitude that combines high technology, precision and science, with the natural needs of humans unceasing pure beauty. What the specialists and craftsmen of Nuova Benyacht want to produce is something that suits both the practical and aesthetic needs and requirements of clients. A discipline of luxury design that few can achieve in the world. 

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363 Via Michele Coppino, Viareggio 55049, LUCCA, Italy